Brief introduction to The Haugiang Union of Friendship Organizations

The Haugiang Union of Friendship Organizations is a socio-political organization specializiing in funding, gathering people struggling for peace and development, expanding solidarity and friendship relations between Haugiang people and people in the world as well as foreign non-governmental organizations.
Ø To carry out solidarity and friendship activities with the world people:
      • Strengthening mutual understanding, developing ties of solidarity and friendship, advocating and supporting economic, scientific and cultural cooperation between the Haugiang people and the people of other countries.
      • Enlisting broad sympathy and support of the world people for the Vietnamese and Haugiang people’s cause of national construction and defense.
      • Supporting the just struggle cause of the people of other countries, contributing to the common struggle for peace, national independence, democracy, development and social progress.
 Ø To act as focal agency for foreign NGO affairs, promoting and coordinating material aid from peace, solidarity and friendship organizations, NGO’s and individuals in other countries with a view to contributing to the socio-economic development and humanitarian relief of Haugiang.
 Ø To conduct research on international and partner issues relating to tasks of Haugiang Union of Friendship Organizations in order to recommend the State and other related organizations
 Ø To guide member organization in activities of peace, solidarity, friendship, international cooperation and promotion of foreign NGO aid.
 Ø To implement the tasks assigned by Haugiang People’s Committee basing on the characteristics, functions and duties of Haugiang Union of Friendship Organizations.
1. Chairman: Mr. Le Van Thao
Mobile: 0986.686.068
2. Vice-chairman: Mr. Le Hoang Sanh
Mobile: 0909.676.829
3. Vice-chairman: Mr. Dang Hoang Khai
Mobile: 0912.277.007
4. Secretary General: Mr. Nguyen Van Kiem
Mobile: 0919.909.009
5. Deputy-Head of Foreign Affairs Department: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Dan
Mobile: 0973.697.545
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